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Outsource Medical Billing Process to India - Improve Cash Flow

San Medical Billing

In San Medical Billing we understand your worries of how to strike a balance between the patient’s care and medical billing management.

We offers

We facilitates variety of services like patient enrollment, Insurance enrollment, insurance eligibility, verification, Charge Entry, Submission of claims

Phone No : USA +1 – 315-636-4656
IND +91 – 9962333670
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San Medical Billing

Outsource medical billing service
  • Why San Medical Billing?

    Quality  Medical Billing Services

    It gives quintessential and motivational work environment which focuses on customer service and encourages creativity along with building team spirit among our employees.

  • Why you need to choose us?

    Cost Effective - Effective Billing Services

    We offer best services which are cost effective in a time effective manner and we draw exceptional talent with our great collaborative workforce and stable work environment with a constant as well as continuous growth in our field

  • Oursource your Medical Billing

    San Medical billing outsourcing company 

    we emphasis on providing our customers with complete, one-stop, full service medical billing outsourcing and coding solutions that can reinforce the practice with comprehensive billing services by allowing them to focus only on patient’s care and make them more productive.

  • What we offer

    List of our Services

    • Patient Enrollment
    • Insurance Enrollment
    • Insurance Eligibility Verification
    • Charge Entry
    • Submission of Claims
    • Accounts receivables follow-up
    • Payment Posting
    • Denial Analysis
    • Scheduling and rescheduling
    • Accounts Receivables Management
    • Report maintenance


    To reduce the overhead cost, outsourcing of medical services is the best option. With our outsourcing services, it is possible to perform the revenue cycle assessment and management, denial management, physician billing and A/R recovery.