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1) Oursource Medical Billing – Medical Billing Outsourcing Services
2) Outsource Medical Billing to Reduce Overheard
3) Outsourced Medical Billing to Improve Cash Flow

We offers
• Patient Enrollment
• Insurance Enrollment
• Insurance Eligibility Verification
• Charge Entry
• Submission of Claims
• Accounts receivables follow-up
• Payment Posting
• Denial Analysis
• Scheduling and rescheduling
• Accounts Receivables Management
• Report maintenance

Oursource Medical Billing – Medical Billing Outsourcing Services

A great professional healthcare professional would always insist on striking a balance between patient care and medical billing management. The decision of outsourcing medical billing is made only once, but its benefits are lifelong.
As the best medical billing outsourcing company, we emphasis on providing our customers with complete, one-stop, full service medical billing outsourcing and coding solutions that can reinforce the practice with comprehensive billing services by allowing them to focus only on patient’s care and make them more productive.
We have the skills as well as the expertise, domain knowledge, infrastructure and capacity to support huge medical billing outsourcing projects and lead the industry. We provide error free services and help the professionals to save a lot of their income. Our team members are well trained in their respective are of job and thus have deeper understanding of all the techniques involved. This helps them to optimize the existing conditions with work with more accuracy and precision, and work with a minimum follow up.
With the well dedicated and professional team of billers, our services are not just limited to billing out but they also take care of the various aspects of the revenue cycle of the provider. We are flexible enough and try to meet individual needs as well as group practice need as and when required. Our members work directly with the customer in order to understand him/her better and work on the feedback received.
Through our consumer oriented services, we allow the customers to access the account information on demand and provide reports that are customized for their practice. Our services are always reliable, all thanks to our up to date credential and contract negotiation.

Outsource Medical Biling to Reduce Overheard

A medical practicing requires certain administration expenses for operating certain general corporate functions like accounting, insurance, legal, staff expenses, etc. Healthcare providers also face problems like A/R, lower cash flow, insufficient resources, declining reimbursement and lack of reporting and analysis.
To reduce the overhead cost, outsourcing of medical services is the best option. With our outsourcing services, it is possible to perform the revenue cycle assessment and management, denial management, physician billing and A/R recovery.
Our exceptional attention to details, strong workflow processes and customized quality process ensures that our customers get higher average return per processed claim and help in elimination the tedious paper work and reduce the overhead cost. Outsourcing also provides for more productive utilization of space.
We offer outsourcing services to all healthcare professionals irrespective of their size and specialty by providing them a fully integrated and comprehensive medical billing solution. We help our customers overcome the challenges of increased regulation and increased operating costs by providing cost effect effective services.
We assure the client, to offer highest return on the claim without compromising with the quality of service provided.

Outsourced Medical Billing to Improve Cash Flow

Enhance your cash flow and do away with human resource issues, prayer denials and excessive costs with our extensive range of medical billing outsource solutions. Our services include but are not limited to:
• Electronic as well as paper claims submission
• Gathering Billing Data and Data entry regarding patient
• Verification of Insurance Benefit
• Posing Payments from Insurance Carrier and Patients
• Informing Insurance carrier about incorrectly processed claims
• Submitting of Electronic Data Interchange ( Electronic Claims)
• Managing of the Practice Management software
Filing Appeals to Carrier for Incorrectly Paid Claims